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Incident Report Form
Updated On: May 09, 2017

                                                                    March 21, 2017

          From: EWMC President

         This incident report form is for documentation of incidents that may be occurring around the country. It is not to ‘stoke the fire’ or create problems for the local union(s). This form is to record, in a  central place, what is already happening to our members. It is a way to make sure that everyone is aware of these hate filled actions and that these actions have no place in our workplaces or in our society.

         We must also let everyone know that we are not an enforcement agency. We are here to support the local union in doing the right thing. No local union supports a hostile work environment.

         The form is to be filled out by the individual member and, after informing the local union business manager or his or her representative, sent to the EWMC mailing address and the EWMC Secretary.

         Thank you for supporting this effort in making the IBEW better.

    In Solidarity,



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